Joel Goldsmith (the Infinite Way) once said (paraphrased)
“There is an urge that drives me to say - brothers and sisters, please believe me there is a kingdom of God within you. A God center you can reach, Divine presence within you, an Angel of the Lord within you, take back your destiny and you can come back into fulfillment of that kingdom”

I believe this whole heartedly, and it drives me to know and understand God, so that I can not only partake in all His attributes and gifts, but also so I can share all I gain with others.

My past was filled with great deal of guilt and shame because I didn’t know who I was and I believed others opinions and criticisms about me as true. But Christ showed me through some very profound teachers and experiences that those people who I looked up to, who I thought were so “spiritual” were not spiritual at all. Spirit-God is love and that’s it, anything other than that is a lie.

In the past I was always told I either had karma to work out or that if something wasn’t getting better I had to go deeper, find out what I was doing wrong and correct it in order to get the good I sought in my life. That was a never-ending process. In the world of illusion all you do is chase illusions if you don’t know the truth about who you are. I finally got to a place where chasing illusions (the healing of sickness, lack, loneliness, fear ect…) was no longer acceptable. God said “thank you” and my life changed forever.

I’ve spent a lot of time, study, prayer and meditation to get to a place where I can hear the voice of God more fully and “He” now guides my life. He has shown me the Truth of who He is and who I/we are as His children and He gives me the “proof” to back it up, which is awesome

I live my life to know Him more, to experience all His gifts, and to take what He gives me into our world so that everyone can know these gifts too. It all starts with knowing the truth of who I am as his perfect creation, and relying on his never-ending grace.


Bio: Robin Rose is an ordained minister of spiritual enlightenment. Her mission is to be a catalyst for the healing and transformation of hearts and minds through the teaching of the God’s Grace. She has a gift of vision and has had interactions with Mother Mary and her beloved son Jesus since childhood. She is a Prayer Healer through the International Healing Rooms and her ministry includes writing, prayer healing, lecturing, Sacred Destination Pilgrimages and sharing Gods wisdom on the Truth of who we are a His perfect, guiltless, loving children.

Bridging it together...

Scripture, Metaphysics, Undoing Human Beliefs

All these teaching explored and integrated together can provide a sense of inner peace and and understanding of Gods truth about who his children are. About our gifts, our blessings, our freedom and about knowing that we deserve everything, we are forgiven, we are free, and we are able to manifest in our lives through the Holy Spirit all that God is.

It is our responsibility, and privilege as Gods teachers to help our brothers and sisters understand who we are as God children. This means the releasing of the false identity as a human, the pain of sickness, emotional struggle, financial struggle and the ability to let Grace reign in our lives. To have a deeper understanding of our peace, and forgiveness plus and what is a tremendous gift, that we do not have to work for nor earn God’s love because it is already there. It has always been here despite all appearances otherwise. As His children, we would attain so much, if we could base our lives on understanding and knowing the truth of God, and then receiving so that Gods gifts can manifest the way god would like to manifest them in our lives. Amen

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Truth and Grace came through Christ Jesus and is supported by the Holy Spirit and Mother Mary

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Jesus - The Word - Christ.

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Holy Spirit

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I will do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Phil 4:13