2019 Angelic Communication Specialist
Training & Certification Courses

Online Courses

Workshop Level I

August 2019

Workshop Level II

November 2019

Workshop Level I – Angel Communication Specialist Training & Certification

This certification course including the following areas of study:

Intro to the Course which also includes Angel Communication Specialist Workbook.

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Workshop Level II – Angel Communication Specialist Training & Certification

This certification course including the following areas of study:

A. ThetaHealing Clearing Meditation

B.  Meeting the Angelic Kingdom including the Archangels

C. Identify Your Guardian Archangel

D. Using Psychic Tools as a Gate Way to Working with the Angels & Archangels

E.  How to Use Theta Healing and Meditation When Working with the Angels & Archangels

F. How to Work with the Archangels of the Seven Healing Rays

G. How to Identify the Angels through Colors, Sounds, Feelings, and Images

F. How to Deepen Your Connection to the Angels

H. How to Incorporate the Laws of Attractions when Working with the Angles


Workshop Level III

God and Goddess Communication Training and Certification


Workshop Level IV

Spirit Kingdom Communications Specialist


Meet Your Trainers

Robin Rose

Angel Communicator-Mother Mary Scribe and Communicator

Robin has communicated and worked with Angels and Mother Mary since the age of 4. During the 90"s she owned several Metaphysical Bookstores and healing centers in the Pacific Northwest where she taught classes on how to communicate with angels, spirit beings as well as teaching a variety of courses on natural healing. She is the author of several books on Mother Mary including Mother Mary and the Undoing Process. Robin leads sacred journeys and spirit retreats throughout the year where she guides her guest to a place where they can connect with their divine selves, release old thought limited belief patterns that have held them hostage to negativity all in a supported, fun and safe environment.

Jo and Robin

Robin & Joelle -Goddess Retreat Preperation

Joelle St. Germaine

Angel Communicator-Violet Flame Trainer

Joelle St. Germaine is a spiritual teacher, angel communicator, and gifted healer trained in Swedish massage, reflexology, acupressure, cranial sacral, Reiki, ThetaHealing, creating fulfilling relations, the seven healing rays, manifestation, and Angel Healing. For the last 18 years, she has been focusing her teachings and talents on Spiritual Awareness and Healing Arts projects and events.

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