Dear ones, we are being called like never before to show up in the most authentic way, the most beautiful way, in ways that bring complete excitement and lights up our souls. We are being called to live our bliss, our divinity and the love we desire to be. Can you feel it too?

We women are powerful spirits with a creative voice, and a powerful inner wisdom screaming to get out, to play, to sing, to dance in freedom and joy. Together we grow, support and welcome each other back into our rightful place in this world. Right now, the mother, the queen, the healer, and holy women are all yearning to come forth and take back their rightful place among spiritual beings. Is that you? Do you want to be seen for the "authentic, creative, soulful woman" you are? Then join me and a tribe of incredible women, as spirit guides us on an adventure of rediscovery and spiritual empowerment.

Celebrating Me! 4 days in Upstate New York
 September 2019

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What's included in the Retreats:

Sacred ceremony and rituals to bring us closer to spirit and our true selves
Creative workshops to create a memento of our time together
Workshops to heal, recharge and bring about clarity about you and your path moving forward
Healing sessions to release and realign us to our ancient but new found identity
Pre-retreat call to prepare, answer questions and to set our intention
Private Facebook community to connect with before and after the retreat
A Personal Check in between you and I after the retreat

Past Events and Retreats

Rise Goddess Retreat
Birth and Celebrate Your Divine Feminine in Lourdes
Lourdes France 2018


A 2 day empowerment event dedicated to revealing the most authentic, vibrant, wild and loving version of YOU.
Ft Laderdale, FL 2019