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A 2 day empowerment event dedicated to revealing the most
authentic, vibrant, powerful and loving version of YOU!


June 22nd & 23rd, 2019

Pier 66 Hotel and Resort, Fort Lauderdale, FL

Tickets are $247 until January 1st 2019 - $297 after

On this journey of self discovery we are finding that it is no longer a time to "do it alone."
As a collective, a tribe, we are strong, passionate, wild and wise and when we stand in our power we are force to be reckoned with.

This events goal is to bring us together as a tribe of warriors, and to connect with other warriors who share and embrace similar beliefs. To support each other in not letting the distractions of life, hold us back but rather to create a new voice within that attracts the greatness and abundance we deserve.

This is a weekend to come and understand how to unleash your power by doing the inner work that will allow you to step more deeply into your own limitless potential.  Be it personal growth, business direction, health or spiritual understanding this weekend we will address and give direction for you to go fully into your world, and boldly create your hearts desires.

Join 8 of today's most powerful, life changing Authors, Speakers, Leading Edge Teachers & Entrepreneurs as they share their wisdom to assist you in

Reigniting Your Light!




Some of our Presenters, Authors & Teachers from the past 20 years events 

James Twyman, Dr. Fred Allen Wolf, John Munday, Sondra Ray, Lee Carroll/Kryon, Pat Rodegast, Patricia Cota-Robles,  Norma Milanovich,  Dr. Raymond Moody, John Randolph Price,  Aluna Joy, Ted Andrews, Sheila & Marcus Gillette, and Steven Halpern and more...