Our Beloved Mother Mary is calling for a small group of spiritually dedicated women to be part of a sacred healing journey this October in Lourdes, France. Under the Mother’s loving guidance and wrapped the life-giving energy of Lourdes we will connect to the Feminine Christ energy that connects us to all life. Thru prayer, creative expression, release and healing processes we’ll gain clarity to our higher selves and a sense of purpose that goes beyond this lifetime.

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Robin Rose 

I have been to Lourdes several times and each time miracles happen and more of the Divine power of the Mother is revealed to me. This is a place of rest and healing but most of all a place where we are reintroduced to the truth and glory of who we are as spiritual beings.

I have wanted to go back for a long time, but it wasn’t until now that the Mother made this request to bring 12 women, a divine sisterhood to walk the Stations of the Cross, to be baptized in the Holy water of Lourdes, to release, heal and refill with the pure warrior spirit that enveloped Bernadette’s heart. This is such a unique opportunity – to be in Lourdes with all its splendor and glory, to participate in ancient ceremonies, to connect with spirit, and have fun being ourselves and sharing our authentic selves with each other.

It is truly remarkable to see the transformation that occurs within each person as we travel to Sacred places. We are always guided by the Heavenly Host to make change, to heal and to share all that’s revealed to us with the rest of the planet. The love, joy, healing and magic that happens brings us all close to our true and holy nature, and I love that.

 Joelle St. Germaine

I love how the sacred sites, angels, and masters call to me to come join them in these holy places of love, peace, and renewal and the transformations, initiations, and enlightenment we each go through on these journeys inspires and awakens me and fills my heart with so much love and joy. This is why I do this, and why I’ve coordinated sacred pilgrimages through over a dozen countries and why I am so excited to share Lourdes with this divine sisterhood.

In 2015, I coordinated a sacred journey to France, which included two days in Lourdes. While I have been Lourdes before, this tour was different. Mother Mary’s loving energy was so present and the messages, healings, and the many sacred experiences from a holy baptism, to walking the stations of the cross, to prayer and meditation, to sacred ceremonies with our group and the entire city, and to feeling so very loved and filled joy from Mother Mary, Jesus, and Archangel Michael were miraculous and inspiring. So much so, that before I left Lourdes, I was directed by Mother Mary to return with a divine sisterhood for a week long sacred pilgrimage so that these amazing women will have the opportunity to also experience the miracles of Lourdes.

My greatest desire is helping others to heal their hearts and souls, especially through sacred pilgrimages. I am very passionate about traveling to sacred places to connect in with energies of these sites to assist with helping our growing divine sisterhood in healing their pains, releasing their traumas, and transforming their lives in the most loving ways. Through the last 20 years, I’ve trained and worked with some of the most powerful and talented spiritual teachers and healers, which has provided me with years of experience which I love to share with others. www.Joellestgermaine.com


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